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Jenni Adams


I really enjoyed LK. I got to meet a lot of wonderful people and be a part of a great project, cleaning up the front of the Gilead House.

Community Involvement: I have been a loaned associate with United Way since 2011, I am on the CASA Board of Directors, and volunteer for many things throughout the year.I recently helped my son organize a fun, competitive food drive between 2 High Schools to help a local food

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Carol Fairfax Anderson

1988 - Link

I had a great time going through Leadership Kokomo. We had some great friendships. I enjoyed the presentations by large companies, small companies and all the not for profits in Kokomo.

Community Involvement: Kokomo Civic Theatre, Zumba,
Temple B'nai Israel, teaching Hebrew

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Cicero Ankunding

Berk - Link


Community Involvement: Manager

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Amber Augustus


Leadership Kokomo was a wonderful way to get involved with the community. I learned so much about the city and Howard County and met many great people too!

Community Involvement: Involved with the Owen County Community Foundation Advisory Board and the Lilly Endowment Community Scholars Alumni Board.

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Jaclyn Beahan

cont - Link


Community Involvement: customer loyalty

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Fred Blessinger


LK was a great experience. I learned a lot about the Kokomo community and made contacts that I still utilize over 20 years later.

Community Involvement: Kokomo Jaycees, Howard Co. Jr. Miss, Samaritan Caregivers, St. Patrick Church

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Mary Bonhomme


Leadership Kokomo was instrumental in teaching me about the community.

Community Involvement: Friends of the Library

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Faith Brautigam


I met great colleagues through Leadership Kokomo and also got behind-the-scenes glimpses into many of the businesses and organizations that make Kokomo unique.

Community Involvement: I am involved in my church and also support various organizations and community collaboratives in my role as Library Director for Kokomo-Howard County Public Library.

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Bridget Brewster


Leadership Kokomo not only introduced me to some truly talented and dedicated people, but I learned more than I thought possible about the city of Kokomo. By the end of the year, I felt better prepared to be of service to my community. Who I am, both professionally and personally, has been influenced by this experience. I can think of no better way to improve the Kokomo community than by bringing up effective leaders.

Community Involvement: While in the Kokomo area, I offered my time and skills to several non-profits.

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KJ "Jake" Brown

2017 - Link

Great way to get out and learn about the community, get involved in community events, and make friends.

Community Involvement: too many to list

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Sarah Byrd


Leadership Kokomo allowed me the opportunity to grow as a person and leader within my organization. I truly enjoyed my time with my class and my team.

Community Involvement: I am involved with helping individuals around North Central Indiana pursue higher education.

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Duane Carlisle

2016 - Link

As someone new to the area, I highly recommend the Leadership Kokomo experience. LK gave me the opportunity to meet other community members and form relationships in every major sector of the Kokomo community – government, non-profit, business, education, and industry. LK is a fantastic way to make connections and learn about the strengths of Kokomo. I highly recommend the program.

Community Involvement: Pastor: Main Street United Methodist Church.
Board Member: Kokomo Urban Outreach
Member: Behavioral Health Advisory Council, Community Howard Regional Health

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Lynn Cope

2005 - Link

LK was a great experience. Especially for someone like me who did not grow up in Kokomo. It gave me an opportunity to learn about the community and meet a lot of interesting people.

Community Involvement: Crossroads Community Church Servant Ministry

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Kirk Daniels

1999 - Link

Great experience while learning the inter-workings of Kokomo.

Community Involvement: I am heavily involved in veteran's affairs, tourism, economic development, motorcycle charities and US Naval Academy information.

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Julie Diesman


Leadership Kokomo opened a number of professional opportunities for me. I met and made a number of new friends and have grown and maintained those relationships over the years.

Community Involvement: Literacy Coalition board officer
Volunteer for community events

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2016 - Link

I believe LK is a great way for people to get a better understanding of things that the city of Kokomo has to offer. I also feel LK is a great way to meet other leaders within the community and build lasting relationships. I myself have come out of Leadership Kokomo with several friends and want to be apart of building a better community

Community Involvement: FSA Board of Directors, Western Football Coach,

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Kent Eaton


Leadership Kokomo was an excellent way to get involved in Kokomo!

Community Involvement: Kokomo Rescue Mission
United Way of Howard County
Crossroads Community Church
Western High School Soccer

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Joana Effertz

over - Link


Community Involvement: Pizza

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Michael Fahrmann


The Leadership Kokomo Program turned out to be a very rewarding experience. Not only did I learn about the many facets of local government, business, and community, I also met numerous people who are passionate about making Kokomo and Howard County a better place to live with a strong sense of community. In addition, getting to know and working with my diverse group of classmates was a treat in itself.

Community Involvement: NWS and Howard County science fairs

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Mike Federspill

2004 - Link

LK was a fantastic program providing me with formalized leadership training along with other peers in the community. Not only did I learn relevant topics helping me improve leadership skills, but I also gained greater knowledge of our community and how important this program is for Kokomo's future.

Community Involvement: United Way, girls youth softball coach,
Kokomo Redevelopment Commission. Upward youth basketball coach

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Jean Ferenc

1987 - Link

I truly Loved Leadership Kokomo and would love to have periodic updates since it has been so many years since I went thru the course.

Community Involvement: REALTORS Association of Central Indiana, Oakbrook Community Church

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Adam Foust


I have lived in Kokomo my entire life and did not realize all the wonderful programs that were available. This has been a real eye opening experience.

Community Involvement: Western Basketball
Crossroads Community Church
I would be interested in serving in any capacity with organizations that are working for the greater good of the community.

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Lisa Fox


LK was an amazing experience! There are so many wonderful organizations in Kokomo and it was such a privilege to see how they coincide. A big thanks to all who make LK the successful organization that it is!

Community Involvement: Volunteer with Kokomo Rescue Mission
Crossroads Community Church

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Jeff Gegner


I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy the class or not or if I would learn anything from it. I can honestly say I did learn from the class and man did we have fun!! We had the greatest team ever! (well.. ok I am biased) .

Community Involvement: Loved the team work, inspired by the abilities of the others in the class. If the class ever needed something I can help with I hope they wouldn't hesitate to call.

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Carrie Giannakos


Participation in Leadership Kokomo, at the start of my career, gave me the information I needed to begin a life long journey of community service. It gave me a "behind the scenes" look at what Kokomo is doing well, what needs to be improved upon, and what areas have yet to be addressed. For anyone interested in becoming more involved in Kokomo, participation in Leadership Kokomo is an invaluable experience.

Community Involvement: Leadership Kokomo Alumni Advisory Council, Downtown Association, Womens Business Council, Strawberry Festival Committee

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Wryan Gibson


Leadership Kokomo is extremely valuable and I highly recommend it to current and future leaders of Kokomo. The diverse group of leaders I had an opportunity to work with, network, and serve the community is priceless. This program also allowed me to exploit current skills and develop others, become aware of our community’s needs, and work in a team to help the Kokomo and individuals that are in need.

Community Involvement: Eastern Youth Baseball

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Giovanni Goldner

Miss - Link


Community Involvement: Small Cotton Gloves

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Karen Goldsmith


I was new to the community and Leadership Kokomo helped me make connections that i still use today. I learned so much about a very giving community and opportunities I would have never known had it not been for this program. I loved it so much I have stayed connected to the program by sitting on the advisory council

Community Involvement: Advisory council

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Kathy Graham


Participating in Leadership Kokomo enhanced my business skills and made me aware of the different organizations that our city has to offer. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life, we forget about some of the organizations and businesses in the Kokomo area. Receiving a scholarship to attend Leadership Kokomo made it affordable for my employer. Attending Ivy Tech Community College as an adult, fulltime student and being a Leadership Kokomo graduate has helped me get to where I am today!

Community Involvement: Chamber Ambassador, Active in Kokomo Chamber of Commerce, Women's Business Council, Past Chair of Strawberry Festival/Oktoberfest

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Katie Guyer

2015 - Link

Leadership Kokomo not only gave me a better understanding of myself and my capabilities and opportunities as a leader, but also gave me even greater insight into my own hometown! I learned about so many organizations and amenities in Kokomo that I never knew existed, which has helped me become a better ambassador for Kokomo and our people.

Community Involvement: St. Vincent Kokomo Foundation Board of Directors, Kokomo Young Professionals Executive Committee

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Kathy Hagenow


Loved LK. Learned so much about community and people. Many years ago, but I still appreciate that I had the opportunity. I worked for the City of Kokomo at the time. The LK experience enhanced community connections for years to come.

Community Involvement: Kokomo Community Arts Commission, Family Service Association, Ivy Tech LRC Advisory Committee, Bona Vista Human Rights Advisory Committee, Humane Society Capital Campaign Committee, KHS Class of '66, Women of the World

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Barb Hall

2010 - Link

Leadership Kokomo helped me gain a new respect for my community and all the hard work of those making this a great place to live and work.

Community Involvement: Leadership Kokomo Alumni Board, Women's Business Council, Chapter Key Advisor for the Iota Epsilon Chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma, Phi Sigma Sigma Central Indiana Alumnae Chapter President, Kokomo Greek Club, Italian Heritage Society of Indiana

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Jan Halperin


As a new resident of Kokomo when I started the program, it was an excellent plunge into the workings of the city, from a view I would otherwise not have had. It was also an opportunity to connect in a meaningful way with my colleagues, and make lasting friendships. I value the experience.

Community Involvement: Indiana University Kokomo, vice chancellor university advancement

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Pamela Hanshew

2015 - Link

As a new resident to Kokomo I found that Leadership Kokomo has provided me an opportunity to become engaged with my new community for years to come. I look forward to working within the community as a steward for it as it continues to grow.

Community Involvement: I am currently engaged in the Master Gardener Program in its new class and hope to achieve Master Gardener status to offer those skills as a volunteer. I am working within the team through LK 2015 to create a Meditation/Garden space for Open Arms

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Nicole Harness


Leadership Kokomo is a great resource for community connections!

Community Involvement: Class Of 2017

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Reba Harris


Leadership Kokomo was a wonderful opportunity to get to know people in the community. I did not meet a person who i did not like. All of the team members were wonderful to me and very caring. I know that I made some new friends in Leadership Kokomo.

Community Involvement: I am involved at the Gilead House and I have joined a new committee that is building a house in Hati for women who are being abused.

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Cordell Hauck

Tast - Link


Community Involvement: Saint Helena

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Robert Hayes


Leadership Kokomo has provided me with life long friends and contatct. I have now a better insight of how Kokomo works.

Community Involvement: City Council at Large , Carver Community Center

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Sherry Hayes


Leadership Kokomo was one of the best professional development opportunities in which I have participated. I came away with a greater understanding of my community. I was able to polish and develop my leadership skills(and discover a few I didn't know i possessed). I also learned to value the strengths of my team members.

Community Involvement: Leadership Kokomo Advisory Council 2010-2013. Habitat for Humanity Kokomo Board member.
Volunteer with various local events.
I would be interested in serving in any capacity with organizations that are working for the greater good of the community.

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Jean Heflin


My year participating in Leadership Kokomo has been very informative. There were many opportunities to network with other community members. I also learned more about what Kokomo has to offer.

Community Involvement: I am currently employed at Ivy Tech Community College and participate with Scholarship fundraising activities, the United Way Campaign and our Doing the Dream program. Past member of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America.

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Janick Heidenreich

Wood - Link


Community Involvement: Reverse-engineered

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Jon Hendricks


Leadership Kokomo was an excellent experience for me personally for so many reasons. I enjoyed learning new things about a community I have called home for many years. I also had a blast getting to know my teammates and classmates as well!

Community Involvement: Kokomo Great Banquet
Kokomo Awakening
ARCK - Zombie Dash

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Audreanne Hessel

virt - Link


Community Involvement: Licensed Soft Cheese

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Rhonda Hill


Truly an AWESOME experience. Very eye-opening in regards to the City of Kokomo as a whole.

Community Involvement: Secretary for Kokomo/Howard County Plan Commission

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Harry Hilpert

Intu - Link


Community Involvement: bandwidth

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Joan Hoch


Leadership Kokomo was great! I learned so much about our wonderful community.

Community Involvement: Indiana University Kokomo
Redeemer Lutheran School
Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer

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Baby Hoppe

Inte - Link

Awesome Soft Keyboard

Community Involvement: Money Market Account

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Lori Hugley

2002 - Link

Loved Leadership Kokomo! I made lifelong contacts and friends.

Community Involvement: Kokomo Howard County Public Library

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Cathy Irick


Even though I have always lived in Kokomo, LK gave me more appreciation for the many services available here.

Community Involvement: I am currently the Office Administrator & Volunteer Coordinator with Habitat for Humanity.

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Pamela Isaac


Leadership Kokomo provided great insight into the physical, personal and social assets in our tremendous community

Community Involvement: Communication about events

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Mina Jast

Prod - Link


Community Involvement: capacitor

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Lorena Jerde

lead - Link

Incredible Metal Car

Community Involvement: Concrete

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Celestine Johnson


Leadership Kokomo was one of the most rewarding experiences in my professional life. I learned more about this community and the processes that shape the direction of our lives than I could have imagined.

Community Involvement: Education

Alumni Image

Mike Karickhoff

1986 - Link

LK was a great program for me as a young professional in Kokomo.

Community Involvement: Kokomo Park Superintendent
Kokomo City Councilman
Ivy Tech Region 5 Director of Facilities
District 30 State Representative

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Kathleen Keppner


Leadership Kokomo was just what I needed to help me become more connected within our community. I was able to make friendships and form business relationships with other classmates that will last a lifetime! The program is designed to allow you to use your strengths to help others within your class, community, and your business.

Community Involvement: Strawberry Festival Chair
Chamber Ambassador

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Bob Knowling

0000 - Link

Community Involvement: Kokomo YMCA/Kokomo Community Development

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Dorris Koss

paym - Link


Community Involvement: JSON

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Jasmin Kozey

conc - Link


Community Involvement: niches

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Rebecca Lepper

2012 - Link

I am so happy to have been a part of LK. I came to Kokomo in 2006 and did not have roots in or knowledge of Kokomo or Howard County. When this opportunity came about, I knew it would help me learn, make friends, and establish a place I could call home.

Community Involvement: Howard County Historical Society
Beta Lambda Chapter - Kappa Kappa Kappa

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Malinda Leuschke

well - Link


Community Involvement: Analyst

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Amy Lucas

2002 - Link

Leadership Kokomo was a positive experience for me.

Community Involvement: GKEDA
Kokomo Symphonic Society - Treasurer
The Crossing School Kokomo – Board of Directors 2017-2018
St. Vincent Kokomo Foundation – Board of Directors 2014 to present

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Mark K. Lyons

1991 - Link

I have been fortunate to maintain contacts and friendships over the years, thanks to my Leadership Kokomo experience.

Community Involvement: Member and past president, Russiaville Lions Club
Russiaville Youth Baseball League officer (1998-2008)
Kokomo Family YMCA youth soccer coach (1998-2008)
Member, First Evangelical Presbyterian Church

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Sylvia Mason


I enjoyed my time with Leadership Kokomo.

Community Involvement: Habitat for Humanity, Kokomo First Church of the Nazarene

Default Alumni Image

Kate Mays


I am proud and honored to be a part of this group. It was a fabulous experience where I met great folks and learned so many things about this community and gave me leadership skills I use in the groups and organizations I work with.

Community Involvement: I am a member of the Realtor's Association of Central Indiana

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Thelma McDermott

atti - Link


Community Involvement: Clothing

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Donny McKenzie

card - Link


Community Involvement: Bedfordshire

Default Alumni Image

Shaina Mertz

conv - Link


Community Involvement: Bahamas

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Shannon Miller

2005 - Link

I recommend this program to everyone. You learn so much about The Kokomo/Howard County Area.

Community Involvement: I am a member of the Kokomo Noon Kiwanis Club, Howard County Chamber of Commerce, Womens Business Council and am a Chamber Ambassador.

Alumni Image

Paula Mooney

2008 - Link

I would recommend Leadership Kokomo as a great learning and personal development experience. A great way to get involved and learn about the community.

Community Involvement: Master Gardener, Advisory Committee -Department of Sociology, History, and Political Science (SHPS) , Advisory Committee FSS

Default Alumni Image

Tyler Moore

1998 - Link

Leadership Kokomo was one of the best ways I was offered to really discover all Kokomo and Howard County had to offer!

Community Involvement: Moore Title & Escrow, Howard County Commissioner, Early Risers Rotary of Kokomo, Parishioner at St. Patrick Catholic Church, Knights of Columbus, RACI, Indiana Land Title Association

Default Alumni Image

Kenny Ortman


LK was a great experience. I learned a great deal about Kokomo and the community.

Community Involvement: Leadership Kokomo Advisory Board

Default Alumni Image

David Owen


For someone new to the community, it jumpstarted my understanding and connection to Howard County. Enjoyed working with my team on modernizing the Carver Center technology room.

Community Involvement: Meals on Wheels, Kokomo CEO, Area 5 games, various volunteer efforts throughout the year and attend Shiloh UMC.

Default Alumni Image

Dan Predovic

Rand - Link

Credit Card Account

Community Involvement: Representative

Alumni Image

Sherry Rahl

2014 - Link

Leadership Kokomo was an awesome experience. I grew in relationships within my community as well as with classmates. I learned about the behind the screens of Kokomo. Tours of places I have never screen that was truly enlightening and inspiring. I learned how to work with others better. I learned about myself too. This is a very rich program that all citizens should have an opportunity to go through.

Community Involvement: Director of Project Access Howard County, Historical Society Board, 211 Council, Minority Health Alliance Board, Leadership Kokomo Board, & Ambassador at Chamber

Default Alumni Image

Chris Reed


I have really enjoyed the Leadership Kokomo program. It has given me insight into the community and all the hard work that takes place behind the scenes that alot of people do not know is going on. All of this makes Kokomo a great community to live in.

Community Involvement: Have coached at Northwestern High School

Alumni Image

Sharon Reed-Corbett

1983 - Link

LK has be instrumental in my service to the community for the past 29 years. In my ministry and business enabling me to be a resource to new people in the community. I highly recommend anyone who wants to be involved in the community or holds a position that requires interfacing with the community be a part of this program.

Community Involvement: The Crossing Educational Center Board - The Community Women's Guild - The Historic Review Board - First Church of the Nazarene Prayer Shield Ministry - Leadership Kokomo Alumni - Ivy Tech Community College Alumni - Indiana Wesleyan University Alumni

Default Alumni Image

Demetrius Renner

synt - Link


Community Involvement: Dynamic

Default Alumni Image

Kathryn Rentschler


What a wonderful experience! From the people to the places and organizations - it was a fantastic experience.

Community Involvement: Community Leadership

Default Alumni Image

Herman Romaguera

Utah - Link


Community Involvement: Extensions

Default Alumni Image

Aimee Romero

2015 - Link

Leadership Kokomo was a great experience to learn about businesses and people that I had not been exposed to. I really enjoyed my year and would recommend it to anyone.

Community Involvement: Chamber Connector, BLUSH team, EHSC School Board Member

Default Alumni Image

Maxine Ruecker

Virg - Link

Rustic Rubber Shoes

Community Involvement: Up-sized

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Marsha Santen


I very much enjoyed participating in LK. Even though I am from this area, I learned a lot about our community and met so many new people. It is definitely a worthwhile experience.

Community Involvement: I work at the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library as a reference librarian, and as of this year, "community liaison" has been added to my job title, so I am working on collaborating and engaging in our community.

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Chase Schamberger

copy - Link


Community Involvement: RSS

Default Alumni Image

Beau Schroeder

Movi - Link


Community Involvement: Baby

Default Alumni Image

Laura Sheets


LK was a great opportunity to meet and interact with leaders in other businesses and organizations, building connections that have lasted throughout the past ten years.

Community Involvement: I have been involved in economic development, chamber, community development, and United Way as well as other charitible organizations since my graduation from LK.

Default Alumni Image

Trisha Shively


As a graduate of Leadership Kokomo, I feel that I am more aware of the needs of the community.

Community Involvement: Literacy Coalition Board Member
Taylor High School Girls Soccer

Alumni Image

Michelle Simmons


I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to complete several leadership development programs, but LK provided my foundation. The knowledge that I acquired continues to serves me on a daily basis.

Community Involvement: United Way, Kokomo Rescue Mission, Partners in Education, Rotary, GKEDA, Leadership Kokomo Steering Committee

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Kiera Simonis

alar - Link


Community Involvement: functionalities

Default Alumni Image

Les Smith


My wife and I moved to the Kokomo area approximately one year ago. I cannot think of a better way to both; get to know the area and identify groups and agencies serving the community, than Leadership Kokomo . I have enjoyed this year's class immensely.

Community Involvement: American Red Cross, 'Board of Directors The Crossing - Kokomo, Board of Directors at Habitat for Humanity

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Ally Spinka

syne - Link


Community Involvement: Villages

Default Alumni Image

Jacquelyn Thomas-Miller


Leadership Kokomo was a fantastic experience. I became exposed to organizations and businesses in Kokomo that I knew very little about as a resident. It made me want to be more of a contributing member of the community.

Community Involvement: Educational leader/Community service

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Alva Trantow

tran - Link


Community Involvement: Awesome

Default Alumni Image

Brittany Trantow

Cent - Link


Community Involvement: orchestrate

Default Alumni Image

Cathy (Hightower) Valcke


I had a wonderful experience with Leadership Kokomo. I made friends that I still keep in touch with, and our project was a pleasure to complete!

Community Involvement: Board of Directors, United Way of Howard County, past Board member of Family Services Association

Alumni Image

Blake Valdez


I had been living in Kokomo for about a month when I started this program. Leadership Kokomo was the perfect opportunity for me to get involved in my new community, network, and learn about all the resources this city has to offer.

Community Involvement: Carver Community Center Board Member

Default Alumni Image

Sodiambakkam Venugopal

2008 - Link

Leadership Kokomo was a fantastic experience, especially for me (being from India) as I was completely unfamiliar with community outreach activities, civic bodies, local government, law enforcement, US criminal justice system, etc, all of which I got the opportunity to experience and familiarize myself first-hand via this awesome program! I am a more complete manager and leader thanks to this wonderful program. I also got to meet and network with a lot of people outside of my place of work.

Community Involvement: United Way (through work at Haynes Intl)

Alumni Image

Katie Voorhis

2019 - Link

What a great opportunity to get to know an AMAZING group of people!! Not only did we learn about ourselves and each other but we were given a unique look into our community of Kokomo and all it has to offer!

Community Involvement: OddSquad Team - Partnered with FSA and Jackson Street Commons to complete "Operation Sound Sleep"

Default Alumni Image

Lisa Washington


Leadership Kokomo was
a wonderful experience it
allowed me to learn more about the community I live in and gain networking opportunities with leaders in the community.

Community Involvement: IBE-Kokomo, AKA-Omicron Phi Omega Chapter, NAACP-Kokomo, FSA Board, Project Access

Default Alumni Image

Dan Weaver


LK was a great experience. I learned a lot about the Kokomo community and made contacts that I still utilize over 30 years later.

Community Involvement: Community Involvement: Kokomo Jaycees, Howard Co. Jr. Miss, Relay for Life

Alumni Image

Dirk Webster

2000 - Link

Leadership Kokomo helped build my self confidence while learning about my community. Additionally, the networking opportunities were invaluable for my career.

Community Involvement: City of Kokomo Revolving Loan Fund - board member; IUK Alumni Association - board member

Default Alumni Image

Devon Weissnat

RSS - Link


Community Involvement: eco-centric

Default Alumni Image

Mertie Wiegand

Inte - Link


Community Involvement: Guinea-Bissau

Alumni Image

Amber Williams


Leadership Kokomo has provided a plethora of knowledge about the Kokomo community and it what it has to offer. Since I work full time as an Instructor of Psychology at Ivy Tech Community College - Kokomo Region, I believe this knowledge can now be imparted to my students. Therefore, not only have I made valuable personal connections, but students can then make connections to better their lives as well.

Community Involvement: Ivy Tech Community College, Ivy Tech Corporate College, Kokomo Red Cross, Life Church Fishers, Westfield Washington Public Library, United Way

Default Alumni Image

Bernhard Wisozk

iter - Link


Community Involvement: Pennsylvania